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Jill Maglio from Holistic Circus Therapy


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The Inclusion Club has partnered up with Youth Sport Trust International.Since its inception in 1994, the Youth Sport Trust has been the UK’s leading sport development agency, supporting quality physical education and sport for young people. See more …
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The Inclusion Club has teamed up with Adapt it Sport to bring you new ideas about adapting and modifying equipment to help the inclusion of people with disability in sport. See more …
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The Inclusion Club has a Memorandum of Understanding with the International Federation of Adapted Physical Activity - helping to bridge the gap between research and practice world-wide.
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The University of Worcester has a strong tradition and an excellent reputation as an inclusive, open and accessible University. Our partnership includes the ‘Worcester Webinars’ - bringing unique inclusive sport content from Worcester staff and students. See more …

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    Circus Arts can be very empowering - Jill Maglio shows how …

    EPISODE 61

    JUNE 2015

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    Inspirational athletes?
    Prominent activist Stella Young highlighted the the way society elevates people with disability as ‘inspirational’. What role does sport play in this?

    EPISODE 59

    MARCH 2015

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    We take a unique look at the tactics and techniques of an elite 1500 metre wheelchair track race.

    EPISODE 60

    MARCH 2015

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    A double TIC TALK with Australian legends Kathy Tessier and Leanne Carlon - a formidable force driving inclusion in multiple different ways.

    PODCAST 23
    JJUNE 2015
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    Worcester Webinar 1
    Chloe French and Lauren Goater talk about their experiences in working at the Snoezelen Centre running sports for people with severe and complex impairments

    MAR 2015
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    Doug Williamson is a legend - the creative force behind a world wide inclusive games program - Sports Ability. We caught up with him in the back of Ken’s car…

    PODCAST 22
    MAY 2015
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