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inclusive sport and active recreation for people with disability

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Come and join an international community of 1,401 like minded people committed to the inclusion of people with disability in sport and active recreation. It's free and you'll keep up to date on all new content from The Inclusion Club (TIC). We'd love to have you on board!

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Our Partners on TIC

The Inclusion Club has teamed up with Adapt it Sport to bring you new ideas about adapting and modifying equipment to help the inclusion of people with disability in sport.
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The Inclusion Club has a Memorandum of Understanding with the International Federation of Adapted Physical Activity - helping to bridge the gap between research and practice world-wide.
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The Inclusion Club has partnered up with Youth Sport Trust International.Since its inception in 1994, the Youth Sport Trust has been the UK’s leading sport development agency, supporting quality physical education and sport for young people.
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Making a noise in the world about inclusion - come and join us. Click image to find out more...
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The Inclusion Club is a non-profit enterprise established in Australia and the UK. We operate world wide with the aim of sharing and promoting best practice in inclusive sport and active recreation for people with a disability.

This video was made in September 2014 and we now have over 1400 world wide subscribers. Subscription is FREE so, take a look around the site and subscribe to join a like-minded international community of people committed to providing quality sport and active recreation experiences for people with disability.
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Systematic instruction is a teaching or coaching approach that is important for many people with disability. Find out how to apply the principles…


December 2014

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Symbols, or visual aids, can be highly effective tools to help communication and understanding. Find out why and how...


23 JULY 2014

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In part 2 we look at why you should use symbols and apply a practical example of a swimming lesson. And download your own free set of symbols.


28 October 2014

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Baroness Sue Campbell
Sue Campbell is one of the UK’s most influential sports administrators. She is currently Chair of the Youth Sport Trust and has led the charity since its inception in 1994.

JAN 2015

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    World leading advocate, thinker and academic from Loughborough University - an insightful and fascinating podcast - be prepared to have your thinking challenged.

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    DEC 2014
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