TIC Videos

Your collection of videos - for education, enjoyment - you decide.

Here you’ll find a collection of videos. These are great for education and training purposes – or just for your enjoyment. They are streamed from our YouTube Channel and the vast majority of these are used in our episodes. But some aren’t but are good anyway. Simply click on the video image to see the video. Enjoy – and please leave a comment – let us know how you have used these videos. Others would benefit! All about sharing!

Sophie Carrigill
Sophie Carrigill University of Worcester
The Superhumans Rio Trailer
We're the Superhumans Rio Paralympics trailer
Catching Kayla
Catching Kayla Story of Kayla Montgomery
Acrobatics video
People with disabilities can do acrobatics too Acrobatics
Dance to the beat you can't hear
Dance to the beat you can't hear Deaf Dancing
Twin Sticks
Twin Sticks Inclusive activity from Finland

Twin Sticks

The Inclusion Club—Episode36 Slide
Rough Riderz Mountain Biking for people with disability
Blind Cricket
Blind Cricket Awareness video and conversation starter
Dance for people with disability
Dancing Kitty Dance studio for people with disability
The Inclusion Club—Episode12 Cover
The TREE Framework Model for adapting and modifying
Advanced TREE
Advanced TREE Framework Instructional adaptation for intellectual disability
The Inclusion Club—Episode20 Cover
Baskin Inclusive basketball based sport from Italy
Swimming Australia Inclusion
Inclusive Swimming Clubs Michael Woods on inclusive swimming clubs
Sporting Wheelies and Disabled Association
Connecting sport and community Jenny Frowd - Sporting Wheelies and Disabled Assn
No Excuses Ad
Nike Motivational Ad Great conversation starter
Reverse Inclusion Ad from EDF
EDF Ad from France Reverse Inclusion
PlayAble - Steffi de Jong
PlayAble Steffi de Jong
The Game of Life
The Game of Life Community Inclusion
Image of Erwin Borremans
Tips for Inclusion Erwin Borremans - Finland
Wayne World video clip
Waynes World Terminology and attitudes
Special Olympics - people look at you
People look at you.. Special Olympics Ad
All About Ability - IPC Video
All About Ability IPC Advertisement
Adapt and Modify - Part 1
Adapt & Modify - part 1 Adaptation training video
Adapt and Modify 2
Adapt & Modify - part 2 Adaptation training video
Adapt and Modify 3
Adapt & Modify - part 3 Adaptation training video
Adapt and Modify 4
Adapt & Modify - part 4 Adaptation training video
Pro Infirmis - because who is perfect
Because who is perfect Profirmis creative ad
Duracell - Trust your power
Trust your power Duracell creative ad
The biscuit announcer
Biscuit announcer Listen carefully!
Nico's story
Nico's story Great story of participation
How to dance without legs
How to dance Without legs
End the cycle
End the cycle Human rights captured
We stand alone - amputee football
We stand alone Amputee football