TIC TALKS brings you the the true stories and insights of people dedicated to inclusion, human rights and the power of sport. TIC TALKS are typically 15- 20 minutes long and explore personal stories and approaches to inclusion and human rights. The guests on TIC TALKS have different life experiences and perspectives on inclusion and human rights. The idea behind TIC TALKS is to explore the big issues of inclusion and look at the similarities and differences on inclusion between different population groups.

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  • Aaron Dragwidge
    TIC31: Aaron Dragwidge
    Aaron Dragwidge is the Disability Engagement Specialist with Cricket Australia. Aaron has been busy transforming Cricket's approach to the inclusion of people with disability.
  • Katrina Porter
    TIC30: Katrina Porter
    Katrina Porter is a Paralympic champion, having competed in swimming backstroke for Australia at three Paralympic Games and three World Championships. She now works in Perth, her home town, in sport development.
  • Alison Mosely
    TIC29: Alison Mosely
    Alison is a multiple Paralympian - having been a crucial part of the most successful era of wheelchair basketball in Australia. She is passionate about inclusion and now works in sport development.
  • Jeremy Smith
    TIC 28: Jeremy Smith
    Jeremy has worked for 15 years with one of the most dynamic, inclusive and progressive sport and recreation organisations in Australia - Gold Coast Recreation and Sport. He is experienced, very knowledgeable and a leader in his field.
  • Dr Yves Vanlandewijck
    TIC27: Dr Yves Vanlandewijck
    Dr Yves Vanlandewijck is one of the worlds leading authorities in disability sport. He is a researcher, an academic and a practitioner all rolled into one. He has many areas of expertise but particularly as a leader in classification.
  • Pat Flanagan
    TIC26: Pat Flanagan
    Pat is the founder and a key driving force behind one of the worlds leading agencies promoting and educating about inclusive sport - The CARA Adapted Physical Activity Centre in Ireland. He’s made a massive difference - not just in Ireland - but acro...
  • Heike Tiemann
    TIC TALK 25: Heike Tiemann
    Heike Tiemann is a Professor, teacher and a true advocate and practitioner for inclusive physical education in Germany. She’s experienced, passionate and well travelled.
  • TIC24: Dr Marty Block
    Dr Marty Block is one of the leading authorities in inclusive physical education in the world. He is widely published and currently President of the International Federation of Adapted Physical Activity. We caught up with Marty at EUCAPA in 2014.
  • Kathy and Leanne
    TIC23: Kathy Tessier and Leanne Carlon
    Kathy Tessier and Leanne Carlon are both complete legends in the inclusive sporting landscape in Australia. They are connectors, they are passionate advocates, they are leaders and they know their stuff. Listen and learn in this fun podcast.

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