TIC TALKS brings you the the true stories and insights of people dedicated to inclusion, human rights and the power of sport. TIC TALKS are typically 15- 20 minutes long and explore personal stories and approaches to inclusion and human rights. The guests on TIC TALKS have different life experiences and perspectives on inclusion and human rights. The idea behind TIC TALKS is to explore the big issues of inclusion and look at the similarities and differences on inclusion between different population groups.

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TIC26: Pat Flanagan

Pat is the founder and a key driving force behind one of the worlds leading agencies promoting and educating about inclusive sport – The CARA Adapted Physical Activity Centre in Ireland. He’s made a massive difference – not just in Ireland – but across the world. Continue Reading TIC26: Pat Flanagan

TIC16: Les Bee

Les Bee has a vast amount of experience as an educator, coach, administrator and advocate for sport, particularly football. He’s an innovator and a committed practitioner for inclusion and, for that matter, the rights of anyone to enjoy football. Continue Reading TIC16: Les Bee


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