Here you’ll find an ever growing catalogue of downloadable material, the majority of which are absolutely free and instantly accessible. Just take a look down the catalogue and click the image to get access. We’d appreciate you spreading the massage about these resources and about The Inclusion Club generally – so please share first and download second. We will be producing material that is not free. These are usually resources that we have invested heavily into developing ourselves and, although we’d like to offer everything for free, that is not possible all the time. We’re sure you understand and see that we are trying to recoup costs rather than make profits – after all, we are a not-for-profit. Anyway, enjoy and keep revisiting as we add more resources to this page.

Where Opportunity Knocks – the environments and places that make inclusion a reality.

Discover the characteristics of the people that make inclusion happen – the Connectors, the Mavens and the Salesmen. Read real case studies and video support. And learn about the seven conditions that create inclusive activity spaces in this exclusive eBook.

Where Opportunity Knocks 37 pages – eBook Notes: Updated 2013.Download Where Opportunity Knocks

Access for all: inclusive communications.

The English Federation of Disability Sport (EFDS) has produced a guide to inclusive communications. Written in partnership with Big Voice Communications, it supports providers to reach a wider audience, including more disabled people.

It aims to address the main communication barriers that many people experience in sport and physical activity, which also stop disabled people from accessing some opportunities. As well as providing essential better practice guidance on planning, terminology and language, it explains the purpose of accessible formats and shows how providers can get the best from their communications.

Access for all: inclusive communications 43 pages – PDF Notes: Published by EFDS 2015.

Download the EFDS Guide

What is Inclusion?

The What is Inclusion eBook is all about explaining and de,mystifying what is inclusion as it relates to people with disability and sport. Our four contributors to this eBook have decades of experience between them and, in these interview transcripts, offer insights and practical advice that will further your understanding of inclusion.

What is Inclusion: 69 pages РeBook; Notes: Released May 2012

What is Inclusion

Making Contact – what happens when people with disability turn up?

From episode 26 – in this eBook we ask 7 world leading practitioners what they do to create welcoming environments for people with disability where they work. First point of contact is so important and can make or break inclusion. These are the collective transcripts from seven video interviews contained in episode 26.

Making Contact 11 pages – eBook Notes: Released June 2012.

Making Contact


Physical Education Checklist

From episode 9 – checklists are incredibly useful things. This is a simply but powerful checklist designed to assist the regular physical education teacher include young people with disabilities in regular physical education classes.

PE Checklist Notes: Released November 2011.

Download 'PE Checklist'

Disability Action Plan template

From episode 39 – In episodes 38 and 39 we took a look at Disability Action Plans for Clubs and Associations. We looked at the essential components of an effective Action Plan and what process a club or association should go through to develop a Disability Action Plan. We also gave you a template to use as a basis for your own Disability Action Plan – here it is to download direct.

Disability Action Plan template: Notes; Released May 2012.

Download 'Disability Action Plan template'

Sports Club Inclusion Checklist

From episode 10 – This was part of a two part series about the inclusion of people with disability in a club setting. Worth checking out episode 10 and 11. This is quite a nice complement to the Disability Action Plan resource above as it will help identify what needs to be done to make your club more inclusive. And don’t underestimate the power of a simple checklist – we love em!

Sport Club Inclusion Checklist; Notes: Released October 2011.

Download 'Club Inclusion Checklist'