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About the author: Peter Downs

About the author: Peter Downs

Founding Director - The Inclusion Club

Peter is Founding Director of The Inclusion Club and Manager of Play by the Rules – a national initiative to promote safe, fair and inclusive sport. Peter has worked for over 25 years in the field of inclusive sport, disability sport and physical activity including 17 years managing the Australian Sports Commission’s Disability Sport Unit.  In 2013 Peter was fortunate enough to receive a Churchill Fellowship to study models of best practice in inclusive sport and physical activity.

Peter’s contributions

The Diabetes Football Community

Created in February 2017, The Diabetes Football Community has been developed to support the needs of diabetics who share a passion for football. Chris Bright is the founder of the Diabetes Football Community and is a type 1 Diabetic who was diagnosed with the condition at the age of 8. We caught up with Chris to discuss The Diabetes Football Community. Continue Reading The Diabetes Football Community

My Voice

People with disability have precious few opportunities to construct and voice their own story. When they do the result is powerful and different. Continue Reading My Voice

Play and Train from Spain

Play and Train are a not-for-profit organisation from Spain that is really pushing the boundaries of inclusion. Driven by a very strong commitment and passion of Sylvana Mestre and Mariona Mademont. They are a great example of what can be achieved—in a relatively short time—when you have these key ingredients. Here, we look at their work and hear from Mariona directly. Continue Reading Play and Train from Spain

Is this inclusion?

Sometimes Inclusion is not so straightforward. In this very different episode you have four videos to watch. One question we ask. Then it’s up to you to respond in the comments section if you wish. Many people have! Continue Reading Is this inclusion?

Gymnastics for Everybody

We take a close look at a fantastic inclusive gymnastics program called Gymnastics for Everybody. It comes out of the work of Gymnastics Victoria in southern Australia. Gymnastics Victoria, with the support of VicHealth, have developed a very professional, intelligent and comprehensive approach to inclusion that could really serve as a model program of inclusion for any sport. Continue Reading Gymnastics for Everybody