Everyone Can Play – including kids of all abilities in playgrounds and sport

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Episode 68: Everyone Can Play – including kids with disability in playgrounds and sport

Released: September 2016

In this ABC Radio broadcast a range of experienced practitioners and academics explore how kids with disabilities can be included in playground and sport settings. Some great tips and insights.

Partners: Ellen Fanning (ABC Life Matters), Justine Perkins (Touched by Olivier), Dr Simon Darcy (University of Technology, Sydney) and Jose Bello (Soccajoeys Foundation)

The Paralympic Games generated a lot of interest for disability sport. This was not limited to elite sport but also to articles and discussions about inclusion more broadly. This was great!

ABC Radio broadcaster Ellen Fanning  in Australia runs an excellent series called Life Matters that delves into what makes humans tick. Life, but not always as you know it. In this broadcast Ellen explored the inclusion of young kids with disabilities in playgrounds and sport.

The two programs discussed in this broadcast are both really worth checking out. Touched by Olivier is Australia’s only organisation focused on the creation of inclusive playspaces in partnership with communities, governments and businesses. Check them out on their website as they do some fantastic work and are looking to expand across the country. Another excellent program is Next Step, run by Jose Bello from Soccajoeys Foundation. We spoke to Jose and discussed Next Step in episode 54.

So, sit back, and enjoy the discussion on inclusive playgrounds and sport.



About the author: Ellen Fanning

About the author: Ellen Fanning


Ellen Fanning is an award winning public affairs broadcaster and journalist. She spent the first ten years of her career at the ABC where she presented both the AM and PM current affairs radio programs. She also served as the ABC’s Washington correspondent. She was later a reporter on the Nine Network’s 60 Minutes and the last presenter of Nine’s prestigious Sunday program. She has produced award-winning documentaries and was most recently the presenter of SBS TV’s long form interview series, The Observer Effect.