Audio-visual articles addressing inclusion of people with disability in sport and active recreation

Episodes can best be described as audio-visual articles. We want to stimulate your thinking about inclusion. To show you models of inclusion that work and that contribute to more opportunities in sport and active recreation for people with disability. We want to bridge the gap between research and practice and we want to celebrate the achievements of people that have dedicated many years to sport and active recreation for people with disability.

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Is this inclusion?

Sometimes Inclusion is not so straightforward. In this very different episode you have four videos to watch. One question we ask. Then it’s up to you to respond in the comments section if you wish. Many people have! Continue Reading Is this inclusion?

Gymnastics for Everybody

We take a close look at a fantastic inclusive gymnastics program called Gymnastics for Everybody. It comes out of the work of Gymnastics Victoria in southern Australia. Gymnastics Victoria, with the support of VicHealth, have developed a very professional, intelligent and comprehensive approach to inclusion that could really serve as a model program of inclusion for any sport. Continue Reading Gymnastics for Everybody

Sport Matters: For Everyone, For Life

Sport Matters is a new and dynamic organisation that is set to make a real dent in the world. Driven by a young yet experienced team they are a non-profit organisation dedicated to making a difference in people’s lives using sport as a tool for development in the Pacific, Asia, Africa and Indigenous Australia. In episode 40 we catch up with Chief Executive Officer Jackie Lauff and new team member Curtis Palmer. Continue Reading Sport Matters: For Everyone, For Life

Disability Action Plans for sport and recreation clubs (Part 2)

In part 2 on Disability Action Plans for Sport and Recreation clubs we run through a template for a typical DAP that could be used by sport and recreation clubs anywhere. This is a starting point. Something to help initiate and facilitate the process of setting up an effective plan. It’s not the end result. You will need to adapt and modify to your own needs, otherwise the Plan will not work for YOU. Continue Reading Disability Action Plans for sport and recreation clubs (Part 2)

Beyond the Paralympics: Where to for disability sport in Australia?

Dr Simon Darcy from the University of Technology in Sydney is a long time advocate, academic and researcher—pioneering many invaluable projects and research in the sport, tourism and human rights for people with disability. In this episode we ask Simon ‘what now’ for Paralympic sport, following the huge success of the London Games. Continue Reading Beyond the Paralympics: Where to for disability sport in Australia?


Floatsation is a simple yet smart initiative that facilitates independence in the water for people of all abilities. It’s a labour of love for Martin Mansell from the UK. In this episode we catch up with Martin and take a look at Floatsation in action. Continue Reading Floatsation

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