Episode 50:

Behind the Scenes at TIC

Date released: November 2013



In this episode we self indulge in the glory of our 50th episode—give you a free poster download and show you a little how we put together the content for The Inclusion Club. Time to celebrate our 50th episode and the launch of our next generation website.

Behind the Scenes at The Inclusion Club

For this very different and special episode—our 50th—we thought we would take you behind the scenes a little at The Inclusion Club. We are doing this for a couple of reasons. First, over the past couple of years we are often asked questions about how we put our content together. Of course, it does help having, collectively, around 90 years experience in the field—so we know a lot of people! But, the way we have set The Inclusion Club up also helps us generate new content and unearth some great work that we knew nothing about.

The questions range from technical questions, such as “what camera do you use for your videos?” to “how do you record Skype conversations” or “how to do screen capture videos?”

People ask these questions because they want to develop their own online networks and produce their own content. We have a bit of experience in these areas now and are very willing to share them with you in the hope that you can adopt them in your own work. The Internet really is a fantastic way to share content and spread the word about inclusion.

Also, as this is our 50th episode we though it about time you got to know us a little better—see how we operate!

So if you are interested about any of the tools and resources we use to produce online content or have any questions at all about delivering content online please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Now, as a final thank you for sticking around and supporting The Inclusion Club, as as a little celebration on reaching our 50th episode and launching our new site, have a look at our customised poster below and download your copy by clicking on the image. We could not fit everyone in the poster, but to all of you a massive thanks from Peter, Ken, Jim, Dorothy and Mick at The Inclusion Club.

We hope you like the new site.

Onwards and upwards our friends… and please tell your friends and colleagues about The Inclusion Club.