Episode 12:

Introduction to the TREE Framework

Published: November 2011: Updated September 2013, August 2017


The TREE Framework is a simple yet effective model to help people adapt and modify sport and physical activities to make them more inclusive. In this episode you can see a video that explains the basic Framework of TREE and how it can be applied in practical circumstances.

In Episode 5 we introduced the TREE framework.

Since then we’ve had a few questions about the TREE framework and how it can be used to help adapt and modify activities for people with different disabilities.

You asked, so we’ve listened!

So what we have today is the first of a two part mini-series exploring the TREE framework a little more. Kind of, an expanded introduction!

In the 12 minute video below we take you through the basics of TREE. Watch out for the fancy start and end graphics and the little naked white guy!

Again, we know some of the members of The Inclusion Club have requested this so we hope you find it useful. You are, of course, free to adapt and modify any way you want—we know you are good at that!

That’s it for this episode. In the second part of this series we’re going to look in more detail at the TREE framework and how it applies specifically to adapting and modifying for people with an intellectual disability.

Stay tuned my friend. And if you got something from this episode please share it with your friends and colleagues.

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About the author: Peter Downs

About the author: Peter Downs

Founding Director - The Inclusion Club

Peter is Founding Director of The Inclusion Club and Manager of Play by the Rules – a national initiative to promote safe, fair and inclusive sport. Peter has worked for over 25 years in the field of inclusive sport, disability sport and physical activity including 17 years managing the Australian Sports Commission’s Disability Sport Unit.  In 2013 Peter was fortunate enough to receive a Churchill Fellowship to study models of best practice in inclusive sport and physical activity.